My teaching philosophy is heavily influenced by evidence-based active learning pedagogies, favoring collaborative projects and interactive discussions.

Arnold Guyot Teaching Prize

Award, Princeton University, Department of Geosciences, 2015

Recognizing graduate student contributions to the teaching mission of the department

Assistant-in-Instruction, GEO 372 (Petrology)

Undergraduate Course, Princeton University, Department of Geosciences, 2015

As a fifth-year graduate student, I acted as TA for Prof. Blair Schoene’s petrology course, where I developed new lab assignments, guided students in selecting and developing independent group research projects, and integrated the mapping and sampling components of student projects into our week-long course field trip. Upon our return, students conducted a range of analyses on field samples, including whole-rock geochemistry by solution ICPMS, thin section petrology, and carbonate isotopic analyses. Several lab sections were devoted to assisting students in completing these analyses and preparing final reports.

Academic Assistant, EAS 4350 (Mineralogy)

Undergraduate Course, Cornell University, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, 2009

As a senior undergraduate, I acted as TA for the lab section of Prof. Sue Kay’s mineralogy course, with a mixed enrollment of undergraduate and graduate students. Topics included crystallography, group theory, identification, and optical mineralogy.