I’m an Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College.

Despite the static appearance of Earth’s continental crust on human timescales, the composition and structure of the crust has changed markedly throughout Earth history. My research applies a wide range of integrated computational, field, and geochronological approaches to better understand the history of the solid Earth, particularly including the formation of the continental crust and its coevolution with the biosphere and the surface Earth system.

If you’re looking for zircon eruption/deposition age estimation, try this online Jupyter notebook hosted by the Binder project. If you want to combine this with age-depth modelling, try Chron.jl or the Chron.jl Jupyter notebook.

If you’re looking for weighted bootstrap resampling of whole-rock geochemical data, try StatisticalGeochemistry (Matlab), StatGeochem.jl (Julia), or the StatGeochem.jl Jupyter notebook