Flinders Range, South Australia


Neoproterozoic stratigraphy of the Adelaide Rift exposed in the Flinders Range, South Australia

Gabbroic dropstone within microbial carbonates in the uppermost Trezona formation, South Australia

A possible contender for the title of oldest animal body fossil, according to Maloof et al. 2010. These possible ~640 Ma demosponges are seen here in the upper Trezona formation just below the Marinoan diamictites of the Elatina formation and the Nuccalena cap carbonate in Elatina Creek, Flinders Range, South Australia. Field of view is approximately 15 cm.

Liesegang in the approximately Marinoan-age Whyalla sandstone, South Australia

Possible sand wedges in the Whyalla sandstone, South Australia - see Ewing et al. 2014

Detail of ladder ripples in the upper Elatina formation, Warren Gorge, South Australia

Climbing foresets in the Wonoka formation, South Australia - see Husson et al 2015